White Star Coffee

Responsive website design and development with Shopify integration

White Star Coffee are coffee roasters; suppliers of tailored coffee machine solutions; and barista trainers. They’re based in Belfast and source speciality coffee from farmers and cooperatives who farm with sustainable practices. White Star Coffee approached Naked Creativity to develop a marketing website that included ecommerce capabilities that would allow visitors to purchase packs of roasted coffee beans, and other accessories.

White Star Coffee had already defined their logo and identity, so Naked Creativity built on this to create an online presence. The marketing website was designed to have a modern, clean, long-scrolling design with full page images. It includes punchy content with detailed wording where needed to create a visually engaging website.

White Star Coffee La Marzocco Line PB description webpage - mobile

Integration with Shopify allows White Star Coffee to sell, ship and manage their products. A Shopify cart is integrated and branded with the White Star Coffee logo and colours to create a seamless checkout experience. A planned extension of this integration with Shopify will allow White Star to manage wholesale orders.

Naked Creativity are Shopify Partners and can assist with setting up stores; building custom themes; and building tools that interact with the Shopify API.

White Star Coffee Machinery and Coffee webpages on an iPad and an iPhone - mobile
White Star Coffee La Marzocco website page - mobile