Website design powering the world’s first social wine making project

    The Virgin Virtual Winery is a unique new project, involving the wine-buying public in the development of a new wine for the first time.

    “Setting up a Virtual Winery was a brave step, it had never been done before and we looked at several companies before deciding to entrust the project to Naked Creativity.

    And we're glad we did, not only did they do a sterling job, they were fast, responsive and always available to sort out any issues.

    A year on and we now have many happy customers drinking the wine they helped create, which, given how much could have gone wrong, is nothing short of a triumph. So 'cheers' to Naked Creativity!”

    The Wine Fusion

    Virgin Wines customers who have signed up to the project (Virtual Winemakers) can interact with the winemaking team via the project’s blog, but in addition, at key points in the wine making process they call the shots though a democratic voting system.

    Naked Creativity were responsible for developing the underlying system powering the Virgin Virtual Winery including integrating with Virgin Wines ecommerce system to automate signups to the project.

    The project places a heavy emphasis on social media, and comments made on twitter or Facebook are pulled automatically in to the comments for an article, amalgamating the discussion in one place.

    Naked Creativity also support the project with our email marketing system, Mailmaker, for the creation of regular newsletters and updates to the Virtual Winemakers.

    What we delivered

    The world’s first social wine making experiment. Naked Creativity were instrumental in designing the underlying system that allows Virtual Winemakers to vote on key decisions in the creation of their wine, and to engage and debate the finer points of winemaking.