Website and Digital Solutions for a Vehicle Movement Service

Naked Creativity helped Rive-it launch an innovative service to deliver and collect vehicles for hire car; accident repair; and replacement vehicle companies. The new service will offer a pool of Rive-it drivers using folding bikes as a transport solution to either retrieve or drop off vehicles, as required. This service alleviates the time and expense of two cars and two drivers needed for the usual process of car pick-up or delivery.

Starting from scratch, Rive-it needed a three-fold technical solution for their business to work. This included a website with the facility for potential drivers to sign up and apply; a separate mobile app for drivers accepting Rive-it jobs; and finally an administrative platform running as a web app in the browser, where Rive-it staff and customers could manage jobs. With its reputation for developing a wide variety of successful digital solutions, Rive-it chose Naked’s team to deliver all technical elements of the project, as well as being tasked with creating a new brand identity for Rive-it.

Screenshots of mobile app developed for Rive-it - mobile

The first stage of the project was developing a website for the sign up process. Naked’s team created a mobile-friendly website and application process that was simple to navigate for potential drivers, all from their phone or another device.

As part of the application process, Rive-it needed to run background checks to verify the identity of applicants. To support this, Naked’s team included a process where the applicant’s device could be used to capture a selfie of the driver, followed by photos of the front and back of the applicant’s driving licence. The system then extracted the text from the driving licence using Cloud based OCR software, and used Naked’s own text processing system to speed up the application for the driver, so they didn’t have to key in the information from their licence. As drivers made their way through the application, the site captured progress, so drivers could come back to a partial application if they were unable to complete it in one go.

The second stage of the project was to develop a mobile app for the Rive-it drivers, so they could be assigned jobs, accept jobs and then complete jobs. The app was developed using the Ionic framework which allows for a common codebase across iOS and Android, whilst also enabling native features, such as the camera, GPS and device orientation. Using Ionic, and the associated tools and services, reduced the development cost, streamlined deployments, and allowed for more rapid iteration of the app.

The app was designed for Rive-it drivers to follow a step-by-step process once a job was accepted, interacting with the app as they worked their way through each job. This means that each job is fully trackable, and with the use of GPS, the location of the driver can also be viewed in real time. The app is used to take photos of the exterior and interior of each car, highlighting any damage, as well as noting mileage and other items. As soon as a job is completed, a PDF document containing the images and data is immediately available for viewing by Rive-it admins or their client.

The app can be used for financial information too. Drivers can submit any expenses such as fuel, parking, or car cleaning, and view job history and payments that have been made to them.

The backend application was integrated with Stripe Connect, which is used to pay the drivers directly, while also managing the secure storage of bank details. Completed jobs can be paid out quickly, with a simple approval process from Rive-it.

An additional consideration for the process was the need for a driver to phone the pick-up or drop-off contact when working on a job. In order to maintain customer privacy, and at our suggestion, Naked integrated a web service from Twilio using short lived numbers. A driver can call the customer whilst on a job but then the number ceases to work shortly afterwards.

Screenshots of web-based admin portal - mobile

The final element of the project was to develop an administration platform running in the browser, where clients and Rive-it staff can log in to create and manage jobs. Data about each job is made available through the system so it was easy to see details of jobs, such as job duration and the exact route that the driver took.

Applicants coming through the sign-up process to become Rive-it drivers can be approved through the administration platform too. Rive-it admin staff check the details submitted and then make accepted applicants live and ready to accept jobs. The administration platform was integrated with Xero to streamline the invoicing process so invoices can be downloaded by clients within the platform itself. Other tasks were also automated within the system, such as expense approvals and changes to jobs.

A key element of the system was to offer jobs to the Rive-it drivers who were geographically closest. The reach is then incrementally expanded to a wider area if the job is not accepted by one of these drivers.

An important consideration was to make the system fully scalable as Rive-it expects a significant increase in jobs and drivers as more clients come onboard. Naked’s technical team built the platform using Amazon Web Services and a combination of Lambda serverless and Fargate containerised services, DynamoDB for storage and AppSync for the syncing of data to devices.

Vehicle dropoff report - mobile