Identity design, website and developer portal development

Bladon is the world’s first manufacturer of micro-turbine generator sets for the telecoms market. Naked Creativity worked with Bladon to develop a new identity which would reflect their status as a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of Micro Turbine Gensets (MTGs).

The new identity was not only a new look, but a new name, as the company was previously known as Bladon Jets. Logo concepts were developed that had the turbine as a core design element, just as it is in the devices Bladon are designing and manufacturing. Naked Creativity supported Bladon in rolling out the new identity across the business – including stationery, signage, marketing, and an updated website.

Bladon logo concepts - mobile
Bladon business cards - mobile

The revamped Bladon website uses the strong brand identity alongside a clear and concise navigation to quickly signpost users to the information they need.

Naked Creativity have also developed a web-based portal that Bladon’s distributors can use to securely register installations of Bladon MT devices; view product documentation; and order spares and components.

The portal login utilises Naked Creativity’s hosted sign-on process, part of The frontend code, database and backend scripts are all hosted using AWS Serverless technologies, which means that not only will hosting costs for the application will be negligible, but that the application can be expanded and extended easily in the future to add additional features.

After successfully passing a security audit and penetration testing, the application was launched on budget and ahead of schedule.

Bladon website homepage - mobile
Bladon website on a iPad and iPhone - mobile