An easy-to-use tool for bespoke, beautiful and professional email signatures

Signature in 60 seconds
Create a beautiful and professional signature in under 60 seconds, think 'Gone in 60 Seconds' but without all the cars

Totally free
Your free email signature can be edited for 30 days (it'll keep working in your email client forever!). For a one-off payment of $5 you can remove the expiry date, and edit whenever you like.

Selfie mode
Give your signature a personal touch with a selfie, so they can put a face to the name - no stick required

Customisable social icons
We worked it out, there are 1,154,047,404,513,689,600 combinations - thats an insanely long number

15+ fonts
Over 15 web safe fonts to choose from - even though we've included Comic Sans, doesn't mean you should use it

As you type and create your signature it is being saved automatically with each change made - automagically

Create your own HTML email signature with our great new tool now!