Syntax GIS

Overseas tax reclaim business process application

Syntax GIS Ltd is a financial services company specialising in the areas of cross-border withholding taxes and bondholder initiatives. The Syntax team had identified their tax reclaim process as too labour-intensive for the volume of transactions they were being sent by clients.

The existing process was solely spreadsheet and PDF-based, and involved a number of manual steps to correctly generate the documentation for each reclaim. Naked Creativity designed and developed a web-based application that would automate much of the process, and would crucially offer the data integrity and audit trail that the spreadsheet solution was missing.

The application is built on the Meteor framework, providing a modern, reactive, and responsive UI that mirrors the kind of user experience seen in other modern web applications, such as Gmail or Google Docs.

The application also integrates with several third-party services that handle specific tasks such as generating PDF documents, creating and tracking shipments, and delivering notification emails.

The final application reduced the overall time for each reclaim from hours to minutes via the automated PDF generation, automated shipping labels for document despatch, shipment tracking and the reactive and responsive user interface.