A secure, customisable member administration system for websites that require user registration, login and member area capabilities

Improve your member and administrator experience

Memb.rs is a fully-hosted platform for both members and administrators. It is designed to specifically address common requirements that our clients encounter and can fully replace your existing in-house database or spreadsheet – reducing a significant administrative burden.

Memb.rs includes both a secure login for members, alongside a separate administrative interface. The core functionality includes member management; event booking and payment; donations; shop; and member directory and profile editing.

We can integrate Memb.rs with a new or existing website, customise the system to meet your requirements, and are able to develop new functionality if required. The system is fully supported by our London-based team too.


A hosted login, forgotten password and reset password process; that is securely linked to your website through a token-based authentication system.

Member Management
An administration portal where member details can be filtered, searched, added, edited and removed. Save and manage different views, and export data to CSV.

Members' Area
Members Area accessible for logged in users.

Event listing and booking with comprehensive options for tickets, free events, capacity limits and more.

event listing - mobile

Online payments
Secure, SCA-compliant online payments via Stripe and GoCardless, and the capability to save member’s payment details. Charge member’s stored payment methods from the administration portal, and record offline payments such as those made by cheque or bank transfer.

Online shop
Shop with cart and online payment, and order management in the administration portal.

Donations, either monthly via Direct Debit, or one-off via card payment.

Members Directory and Member Profile
Once logged in, your members can view the directory of members, and manage their own profile. Members can control whether their profile is visible or not, and if it is, what data is visible in order to comply with GDPR.

directory - mobile

Activity log
Within each member there is a full log of their activity, as well as any changes made to their data from the administration portal.

Applications forms
Securely storing applications within Memb.rs allows teams to track the status of each applicant and ensure the data collected is accessible to multiple team members throughout the process. The data can be utilised to suggest committees to a member based on interests outlined in the application form.

Set up and migration
We will configure Memb.rs and integrate with the new website. We’ll set up the administration area, and the data fields to match your membership requirements.

Customisable data fields
The data fields stored within Memb.rs are completely customisable in order to meet your requirements. Login pages, emails and the members area are customised with your logo and colour scheme.

Subscriptions and payments in order to charge quarterage or other membership fees.

Committees functionality for listing committee members, sharing content with committee members and arranging committee meeting dates and attendance.

committees - mobile